Honest Appliance Repair From the Credible Experts You Can Trust

Commitment Statement
Honest Appliance Service & Repair LLC requires all members of the company to meet a standard of uncompromising integrity and trustworthiness, and to respect the dignity of all inside and outside of our company. Our goal is to improve continuously, to build credibility with each other and all of our customers.

Our History

Honest Appliance Service & Repair LLC is locally owned and owner operated. Anthony and Linda Chavez both grew up repairing equipment of one kind or another. While Anthony spent 17 years in a high tech world and has achieved official training and certifications during the past 29 years, Linda has been in the field for the past 41 years repairing everything from in shop items such as typewriters or vacuum cleaners to in home appliances. Both Anthony and Linda have a vast history of being paid to maintain and repair one kind of machine or another. Linda started as a teenager in a repair shop, and Anthony started in his twenties after earning a degree in Electronics. Both have been performing hands-on repairs pretty much all of their lives. Linda worked for Sears as a technician for 39 years. Anthony worked for Eastman Kodak as a field engineer for 17 years, and for Sears as an appliance technician for 10 years.

Who We Service

Being consumers themselves, Anthony and Linda have developed proven methods to help the consumer when equipment needs to be repaired. Recently Anthony earned Presidential Honors as he completed refrigeration school at RSI. Now HASR has added HVACR repair to their available services. The job of Handyman is already a service provided by HASR along with home appliance repair and installation. From repairing golf carts and gas fireplaces, to hanging ceiling fans and other miscellaneous tasks, HASR tries to meet the needs of the customer. HASR currently does not replace or install air conditioners, but expects to gain general contractor status and offer these services in the future. If HASR diagnoses the problem and is unable to help you, the diagnostic fee will be waived. Working in the service business for so many years has allowed HASR the knowledge of passing on their low overhead savings to you, the consumer, resulting in cost savings for you.
HASR is located in far west Buckeye so they can react to western territories such as Tonopah much faster and at a lower cost than other companies. HASR has been hired to go as far as northern Scottsdale after a customer interviewed Anthony and selected HASR specifically for the uncompromising integrity of the company. HASR will go anywhere their services are needed. If you are interested in finding out more about your travel charge, call us at 602-814-6504 today!
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